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      • K-8
        • Mar 1-5

          K-8 Schedule Changes for ALL STUDENTS this week - 7:30am-2:15pm
        • Mar 2

          In-Person Learning for Kindergarten, K-8th SLS, 1st-3rd Maroon
        • Mar 3

          Remote Learning for All Students
        • Mar 4

          In-Person Learning for Kindergarten, K-8th SLS, 1st-3rd Gold
        • Mar 5

          No School for 4th-5th Grade Students
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      • High School
        • Mar 3

          Remote Learning for All Students
        • Mar 5

          Progress Reports
        • Mar 8

          In-Person Learning for 9th-12th SLS
        • Mar 9

          In-Person Learning for 9th-12th SLS
          Board of Trustees Meeting
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Our Alumni

Forging paths, opening doors & actively leading.

Recent graduates in caps and gowns

Vision to fruition.

During their time at New Foundations, students are exposed to curricula and experiences which hone the characteristics and skills needed to be independent thinkers, caring individuals, and proactive leaders. Using our Graduate Profile as a guide, we ensure each student that matriculates from NFCS embodies high standards in academic understanding, civic engagement, & emotional wellbeing and acts as both the alumni’s inner compass and foundational roots. 

Once graduated, alumni remain integral members of the NFCS family. Through the NFCS Alumni Association, alumni will continue to receive academic and professional support, maintain contact with peers and staff, and are offered opportunities to mentor current students. At New Foundations, our alumni are equipped with the skills they need to make knowledgeable choices, while creating their own individual path to success. Each person’s path looks different- and that’s a beautiful thing.

Information & Resources

The NFCS Alumni Association (AA) is being kicked off this winter and is our way of keeping graduates engaged and supported once they receive their diplomas. Composed of alumni and members of the NFCS community, the AA offers continued academic and professional support and resources, networking events, and opportunities for mentorship and community service.

Alumni Association Information Session Presentation (11/9/20)

Alumni Association Information Session Video Recording (11/9/20)

More information coming this spring!

Email Ms. Allmond at gallmond@newfoundations.org. Please include your Full Name, Graduation Year, and Complete Address and/or fax number of where to send transcripts.

Our Alumni Association Board Members

 Hannah Porter Alumni 2016

Hannah Porter

Class of 2016


 Giovanna Clemens Alumni 2016

Giovanna Clemens

Vice President
Class of 2016


 Ryan Brown Alumni 2018

Ryan Brown

Class of 2018


 Kate Carey-Miller Alumni 2017

Kate Carey-Miller

Recording Secretary
Class of 2017


 Jimmy Caprio Alumni 2018

Jimmy Caprio

Communications Coordinator
Class of 2018


 Maria Ngo Alumni 2018

Maria Ngo

Membership Coordinator
Class of 2018


 Avery Sytsma Alumni 2017

Avery Sytsma

Events Coordinator
Class of 2017


Let's Get Social

Post-Secondary Success

Everyone’s path is unique. Preparing futures with confidence and authenticity.

Joseph Nugent

Class of 2019

Nicodemous Madhedou

Class of 2016

Cary Porter

Class of 2018

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School Spirit

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Wear Your Bulldog Pride.

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Nominate an alumni for the
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Share the story of an outstanding NFCS alumni.

Our Director of Community Engagement 

Head shot image of Tiffany Searles

Tiffany Searles

Maintaining relationships with our alumni is extremely important to New Foundations. Consistent and meaningful engagement is the key to ensuring our graduates feel supported and connected as they forge their path in life. We value our alumni community and are committed to always working together.