Class of 2026

Diving deeper.


Our Sophomore class begins their journey in choosing courses of interest and focus on the investigation of the paths to college and career. In addition to core courses, our Sophomores are able to double up on science or math courses, as well as choose from many different electives. This opportunity allows students to experience new content and courses of study while exploring their interests. We continue to encourage students to get involved in a pre-existing club or start one themselves. The fall, winter and spring seasons provide various sports from which students can choose.

In addition, the Class of 2026 will participate in standardized testing - the state of Pennsylvania requires students to earn proficiency toward their high school diploma. The most direct way to achieve this is by scoring at least Proficient on the Literature, Algebra (9th Grade) and Biology tests. Students are also afforded the opportunity to participate in the PSAT in order to prepare and practice for the SAT.

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Supporting the Class of 2026

Frances Daly Frances Daly

Frances Daly

High School Principal

Kaitlin Lamanna Kaitlin Lamanna

Kaitlin Lamanna

Vice Principal

Sarnetta Sumner Sarnetta Sumner

Sarnetta Sumner

Vice Principal

Derik Hrubosky Derik Hrubosky

Derik Hrubosky

Dean of Students

Brittany Buchanan Brittany Buchanan

Brittany Buchanan

Counselor l Last Names A-Dor

Anna Pederson Anna Pederson

Anna Pederson

Counselor l Last Names Dos-Leo

Rachel Pirrung Rachel Pirrung

Rachel Pirrung

Counselor l Last Names Lev-Reye