Class of 2025

Preparing for the future.


Our Juniors continue their required core courses and continue to choose electives aligned to their interests. There are multiple Advanced Placement Courses available, as well as courses relevant to becoming an adult - Consumer Math, Family and Consumer Science and Personal Finance are a few examples. The Juniors also participate in the PSAT in the Fall in anticipation of taking the SAT or ACT in the Spring semester. Our Juniors begin to take more leadership roles in the building and clubs and, depending on their academic achievement, can qualify for the National Honor Society. While some students begin sooner, the Class of 2025 can enroll in Dual Enrollment courses at CCP, free of charge. 

In the Spring of Junior year, students will begin to further investigate their interests, consider colleges and universities, while also exploring their career interests. Professionals are invited to speak with them, and through Naviance, students can narrow their interests and consider how their strengths can lead to a career.

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Supporting the Class of 2025

Frances Daly Frances Daly

Frances Daly

High School Principal

Kaitlin Lamanna Kaitlin Lamanna

Kaitlin Lamanna

Vice Principal

Sarnetta Sumner Sarnetta Sumner

Sarnetta Sumner

Vice Principal

Derik Hrubosky Derik Hrubosky

Derik Hrubosky

Dean of Students

Brittany Buchanan Brittany Buchanan

Brittany Buchanan

Counselor l Last Names A-Dor

Anna Pederson Anna Pederson

Anna Pederson

Counselor l Last Names Dos-Leo

Rachel Pirrung Rachel Pirrung

Rachel Pirrung

Counselor l Last Names Lev-Reye