The Future of New Foundations

A steadfast future built upon a strong foundation.

High school student coaching younger students

Progressing into our future.

Building this school and ensuring that it has continuously improved over the course of nearly 20 years, is not an accident. It occurred through the work of our committed staff, the stewardship of our Board of Trustees, and, most critically, the leadership of Mr. Paul Stadelberger.

Yet in a constantly changing world, we must continue to work and evolve and improve. We must be ambitious about New Foundations’ future. We’re a great school, but we still have work to do to be better and to redefine what it means to be a great school."

– MR. Ron Brady 

Former CEO

A model in stewardship & collaboration

The Caring School Culture domain considers the student experience at NFCS as it spans kindergarten through twelfth grade. It aims to bring clarity and consistency to student conduct expectations, build a schoolwide shared language, and provide opportunities for incorporating student voice into programming, such as the development of a high school mentoring program at the K-8 campus.

An intentional curriculum focused on whole-student growth

The Teaching & Learning domain builds on NFCS’ strong academic reputation, and focuses on ensuring continuity of academic rigor and student outcomes throughout its K-12 programming. Taking a schoolwide view, this domain articulates and implements a vision for teaching and learning and takes a close look at how the school executes its service-learning, postsecondary preparation, and student support services, balancing it equally with rigorous, high quality academic instruction.

A clear & transparent approach to leadership

Appreciating that staff are the backbone to achieving NFCS’ vision for impact, the Staff Experience domain intends to provide teachers and staff with clarity around professional expectations, systems for support and accountability (e.g., professional development, evaluation system), and transparency for compensation. By identifying and acknowledging the staff’s areas for development, New Foundations can provide resources to support their personal and professional growth.

A community engaged, involved, & supported

The Community Experience domain seeks to streamline and expand NFCS’ brand to increase recognition in the Philadelphia community, which will impact staff and student recruitment, building intentional and strategic external partnerships, and staying connected with its growing alumni base.

A comprehensive & mindful plan to expand

With the goal to eventually add 500 student seats, the Growth Readiness Planning domain will proactively prepare NFCS for growth by reviewing and strengthening existing resources and systems, securing facilities, and deliberately planning for the additional needs an expanding student population will require.

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