High School Academics

Curricula & opportunities designed with intention.

A teacher speaks to several high school students in the classroom

Success looks different for everyone.

At New Foundations, our students learn the skills they’ll need to make knowledgeable choices, while creating their own paths throughout their lives. 

To encourage our students to be confident and socially-oriented citizens, we integrate the competencies and skills all New Foundations students must learn during their time with us. 

At all grade levels, our curriculum intentionally incorporates service-learning, academic understanding, social awareness, and emotional well-being.

0ur Graduate Profile

By leading with the outcomes we wish for our students, a working group of administrators, teachers, students and parents developed what is best for our students at every level. From this work, the Graduate Profile was born: New Foundations Charter School’s standard of academic understanding, civic engagement, & emotional wellbeing. The Graduate Profile is our compass - guiding all aspects of our work to ensure NFCS students secure a bright future.


Information & Resources

The development of a strategic curriculum for New Foundations focuses on ensuring continuity of academic rigor and student growth throughout our K-12 programming.

Based on the outcomes outlined in our Graduate Profile, our K-12 curriculum articulates and implements a vision and system for teaching and learning that is intentionally interdisciplinary and is standards based. No matter the age, gender, race, or capability of a student, the academic experience is designed to be engaging, relevant, community driven, and centered around preparing students for a successful post secondary path.

During their high school career, students begin to hone in on the many possible paths after graduation and begin to discover what might be right for them. The variety of elective courses offered at New Foundations - such as Marine Biology and Introduction to Education - is one way in which students explore subjects they are interested in at deeper levels. Special programs, including Project Lead the Way, offer a hands-on approach to the STEAM fields. Additionally, our Dual Enrollment partnership with Holy Family University, Manor College, and the Community College of Philadelphia give eligible seniors the opportunity to not only earn credits for their college career, but to get a taste of what to expect in higher education. It is our privilege to support our students and families with the opportunities necessary for all to succeed.

New Foundations' Flexible Instructional Day (FID) program has been approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Education and is valid for three school years: 2023-24, 2024-25, and 2025-26. A Flexible Instructional Day (FID) program is intended to be used when circumstances prevent the delivery of in-person instruction on a regularly-scheduled school day. For example, this can include an epidemic, hazardous weather conditions lasting more than two (2) school days, law enforcement emergency, inoperability of school buses or other equipment necessary to New Foundations' operation, damage to a school building(s), or another temporary circumstance rendering any portion of a school building(s) unfit or unsafe for use. Utilizing a Flexible Instructional Day means that all students will be expected to log on and participate in a virtual learning format for the entirety of the school day. In the event that an FID is utilized, all students, families of students, and staff will be notified as soon as the decision is made via email, telephone emergency notification alert system, and school website and social media page postings. Detailed instructions on how the FID will be implemented will also be provided in the aforementioned notification. For more information regarding Flexible Instructional Day programs, please visit: Pennsylvania Department of Education - Flexible Instructional Days Program  

When a Flex day is used, see the following videos on how to login to zoom

Grades K-7

Grades 8 - 12

Students should return on the first day with their fully charged school-issued Chromebook or laptop. Freshmen and new students will receive their devices during orientation. In addition, individual teachers will share their supply requirements on the first day of classes. We recommend students be prepared with 1-2 folders, 1-2 notebooks or binders and both pens and pencils.

Integrative & Intentional Academics

30+ dynamic electives offered to NFCS High School students.

100% of the class of 2020 graduated with confirmed post-secondary plans.

32% of current seniors  participate in our dual enrollment college program.

Our High School Administrators

Frances Daly Frances Daly

Frances Daly

High School Principal

Kaitlin Lamanna Kaitlin Lamanna

Kaitlin Lamanna

Vice Principal

Sarnetta Sumner Sarnetta Sumner

Sarnetta Sumner

Vice Principal

Derik Hrubosky Derik Hrubosky

Derik Hrubosky

Dean of Students

An Intentional Curriculum